Modern Multifamily

Mike Wolber

Modern Multifamily is an interview-style podcast where we talk with leaders across the Multifamily industry about ways we can keep moving it forward. Topics include and are not limited to: technology, innovation, and improving renter experiences with a focus on positive impacts on both industry operators and suppliers.
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#23: Matt Rogers, VP of Operations at MEB
#23: Matt Rogers, VP of Operations at MEB#22: Justin Bingham, CEO of Opiniion#21: Ryan Hand on how to make the owner/manager relationship successful#20: Robert Martinez, CEO of Rockstar Capital Management#19: Carrie Antrim, COO of Multifamily Leadership#18: Shane Raby talks multifamily industry education, associations, and post-pandemic learnings#17: Tony Sousa talks operations, product adoption, and sports analogies#16: WPM's modern and integrated approach to marketing and leasing and their outlook on growth in 2021#15: Moshe Crane on multifamily marketing, leasing, and building a culture that creates energy#14: Mitch Fanning talks rebranding, being purpose built, and what we can learn from companies like HubSpot#13: Jonathan Treble on creating valuable amenities for residents#12: Mike Whaling talks about the evolution of Multifamily and strengthening the connection between marketing and leasing#11: Jonathan Ehrlich talks about how to drive technology adoption and maximizing your technology investments#10: Rob Eyckmans and Chris Kostoulas talk virtual leasing: past, present, and future#9: Gary Gregory on leadership growth and development#8: Justin Choi talks about the technology that Multifamily needs#7: JZ talks social media, personal branding, and how you can get started#6: Mike Rovito talks about the future of Smart Apartments#5: Brandon Hornibrook's take on the Evolution of Digital marketing from from the dot.com days to the AI era#4: Building Credit for Renters, A Conversation With the Credit Builders Alliance