On God: Part 1

The Podechesis Podcast

Jul 27 2020 • 1 hr 4 mins

What is God?  Is God a figment of our imagination, construct of human pride, or an unknowable entity in control of all things?  Who is God?  With so many God’s throughout history is it possible to know who or what the right God is?  And how does Morgan Freeman play into all this?

In this episode of The Podechesis Podcast, Brett, Jim, and Allen will discuss question number four of John Wesley’s Revision of the Westminster Shorter Catechism, What is God?  Working under the assumption that God exist and is particularly knowable, as the Catechism does, the boys have a great discussion on how the Old and New testaments of the bible reveal who God is and how to know him.

Along the way, Brett gets made fun of for being 40 and not watching movies past 1989, Allen reveals what he would do with God powers (Hint: it’s a really good deal for Georgia sports), and Jim reveals for the first time his 90s Christian Alternative Band, Shifting Shadows.

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