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The Conversations with Leaders podcast, brought to you by AWS (Amazon Web Services), focuses on personal lessons of leadership, vision, culture, and people development. Our series features executive level discussions - intended to harness, elevate, and share insights from cloud leaders across top enterprise companies. Amazon Enterprise Strategists who are former CIO, CTO, and CISOs, interview business executives, in a dialogue about their personal insights on the AWS cloud transformation journey, inspiring innovation, and leading teams. Our goal is to share peer-to-peer perspectives in a way that is both personal and inspiring for others in the cloud leadership community.
#24: Leading an Organization Through Cloud Transformation | Keisha Garcia, Program Director Cloud Transformation, BP#74: One Size Fits All Cloud Strategy | Ask the AWS Enterprise Strategist#20: Business Innovation and Eliminating the Skills Gap | Michael Fagan, CTO, KMart/Target Australia#31: Five Best Practices for Taking Advantage of Machine Learning | Swami Sivasubramanian, VP Machine Learning, AWS#28: Overcoming Struggles with the Cloud | Andre Garcia, SVP IT Operations & Quality Engineering, TracFone#87: Accelerating Enterprise-Wide AI/ML Innovation | Karley Yoder, VP and GM of AI, GE Healthcare and Mike Haley, VP of Research, Autodesk#42: Opinions on the Customer Centric CIO | James Rinaldi, Chief Information Technology Advisor, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory#56: Workplace Reimagined | Ian Wilson, VP of HR, AWS#71: Transformation, Migration, and Modernization | Ask the AWS Enterprise Strategists#47: Have Backbone, Disagree, and Commit | Ask the AWS Enterprise Strategists#73: Surprising Benefits of Migration | Ron Huxter, VP and CIO of Canadian Institute for Health Information#79: The Courage of Innovation | Vernā Myers, VP of Inclusion Strategy at Netflix#9: Dave Bartoletti, VP, Principal Analyst, FORRESTER | Improve Organizational Agility#36: Machine Learning in the NFL | Michelle McKenna, CIO, NFL#41: War & Peace in IT | Mark Schwartz, Director, Enterprise Strategy, AWS#21: The Changing Role of the CFO with Elena Gomez | Elena Gomez, CFO, Zendesk#68: Value and Mission Driven Approaches During Disruption | Teresa Carlson, VP of Worldwide Public Sector, AWS#63: Leadership and One Way vs Two Way Door Decisions | Ask the AWS Enterprise Strategists#72: CFOs Leading Transformation | Louise Higgins, CFO of Technology, ANZ Bank#58: The Art of Possible: Cloud Financial Management at Nationwide | Joseph Daly, Director of Cloud Optimization Services, Nationwide