Behind The Next Little Thing

Tracy Hazzard & Tom Hazzard

Thinking about starting a podcast but struggling to get it going? Many podcasters just wing it and start their own shows without proper guidance or planning, and it's common for them to fade away after facing a tiny bit of resistance. Don't let your podcast suffer the same fate! Join Tom and Tracy Hazzard as they go Behind The Next Little Thing.

This show is a creation peak right into their newly launched podcast, The Next Little Thing. Here, Tom and Tracy peel back the curtain to reveal their well-kept secrets in designing, planning, and starting a podcast. They break down the complex decision-making process to demonstrate what it takes to launch as quickly as possible.

The duo delves into the intricacies of naming your show, choosing episode titles, and writing enticing intro and outro scripts. They also teach topics like picking appropriate voiceovers and creating eye-catching cover arts. Discover the solution to any roadblock that hinders you from starting an excellent show of your own.

Tom and Tracy's unparalleled experience in the podcasting industry delivers informative and engaging episodes. Their powerful partnership resulted in Podetize, the largest podcast post-production company with a state-of-the-art hosting platform.

They boast a repertoire of great shows on many genres, types, scopes, and topics. Tom and Tracy have helped launch more than 600 podcast shows. Their roster has less than a 7% pod fade rate, thanks to the unmatched behind-the-scenes support they provide to every client.

To keep their mindset fresh and strategies up-to-date, Tom and Tracy launch a new podcast every single year. This includes: WTFFF?! (about 3D printing), Product Launch Hazzards (about product development), New Trust Economy (about Blockchain and cryptocurrency), Feed Your Brand (about podcasting growth and tactics), The Binge Factor (about successful podcasters and their monetization strategies), and The Next Little Thing (about underrated product reviews).

This unique endeavor made Tom and Tracy two of the most reliable podcast launch experts. By experiencing first-hand how a show keeps up with changing trends, they know the strategies that truly work right now. They understand which positive patterns to maintain and the negative aspects to address immediately. This separates them from established gurus who share old techniques that fall short when utilized today.

Above all, Behind The Next Little Thing Podcast is all about transparency. Tom and Tracy do not simply tease superficial advice for you to assemble and make sense on your own. Instead, nothing is held back. They dissect every practice with the highest chance of delivering the most rewarding results. And, with episodes released often, you can binge-listen and pick which discussions contain the specific answers you need now.

Podcasting is a fluid process. Launching a show is the first step in a continuous journey of learning, adjusting, tweaking, and evaluating. Tune in as Tom and Tracy Hazzard guide you in making that crucial step correctly. Start a podcast right away that reflects your values, serves your purpose, and attracts a huge number of downloads. It's time to go Behind The Next Little Thing!

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