No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen

Brian Tyler Cohen

No Lie covers the most important and breaking political stories of the week, hosted by progressive commentator Brian Tyler Cohen. He sits down with major players in the world of politics, bringing you right into the heart of the action. No bad faith talking points, no disinformation, and no lies.

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Our Editor's Take

Brian Tyler Cohen, or BTC, as friends and fans know him, is an ever-passionate progressive on a mission. His podcast on politics, No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen, is forceful and combative. He dishes out dramatic pod titles that use powerful, emotional language. On this podcast, no one is safe, as Cohen calls out politicians he deems wrong or even dangerous.

Cohen doesn't spout off about the day's latest breaking political news and call it good. He's also interviewed some high-profile political figures. Past guests on No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen include many big political names. The host discussed the Inflation Reduction Act with Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg. Congressmen Adam Schiff and Jamie Raskin have guested. Cohen has even interviewed Vice President Kamala Harris. They discussed abortion rights and expanding the Supreme Court. How the Biden Administration planned to win back the youth vote was another topic of their sitdown.

Speaking of President Biden, Cohen interviewed him, too—from the White House, no less. It was the president's first interview after his historic nomination of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court. They squeezed quite a bit into their 15-minute chat on No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen.

Host Cohen's sincerity and impassioned reporting seem to be working. The sometime-actor, weekly podcaster, and YouTuber is popular. He has many millions of fans following him on social media. And that's on top of a substantial No Lie WIth Brian Tyler Cohen audience. It's no lie that progressives may enjoy hearing BTC's thoughts on politics.

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