063: Q&A: You Asked, I'm Answering!

Mastering the Business of Yoga

May 29 2017 • 34 mins

On this Q&A style episode of the podcast, I answer a few of the questions that I've received throughout this season from listeners, fellow yoga teachers + 1-on-1 clients. This is short episode featuring 5 of the questions I get asked the most and that I think are the most important to address as a yoga teacher, particularly as a new yoga teacher.

We cover teaching for free and how you know when you should stop teaching for free, how to determine your maximum capacity for teaching each day + week, how to prevent burnout, when you can consider yourself a "real yoga teacher", and how you will know when you're ready to teach.

I pull from guests advice from the show, my own personal experience and my knowledge of the yoga industry to answer these questions.


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