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Our Editor's Take

The WSJ Minute Briefing podcast is a financial news podcast. It keeps listeners updated on the most critical business stories. There seems to be no end to the financial news cycle-but that's for a good reason. On personal and business levels, these updates can carry significant weight. This podcast allows listeners to block out the noise, getting only the news they want and need.

The podcast comes from The Wall Street Journal, a trusted business news source since the 19th century. The publication has received dozens of Pulitzer Prizes for its outstanding work. WSJ reporter and podcast producer J.R. Whalen hosts WSJ Minute Briefing. He's also the producer and host of the WSJ podcast Your Money Briefing. Keith Collins hosts several episodes, too. He brings his expertise as the news editor for Dow Jones and WSJ.

Listeners of the WSJ Minute Briefing podcast hear quick but thorough news on the Dow Jones. They receive updates on the growing interest rate concerns. Audiences can stay informed on developments from companies like Salesforce. Easy-to-understand tech news briefings and news on robust hiring trends are often topics. Whalen's mission is to report on everything from the US Energy Department to Tesla and Apple. The hosts discuss financial news of the past. They also share about the future. For example, how will interest-rate concerns impact the financial future of everything?

The episode names make it easier for listeners to get to the news updates they most want to hear. Listeners can hear episodes like "US Stocks Finish Mixed as Powell Warns Higher Rates Are Likely." Audiences can hear about current events in episodes like "Ukraine Struck by One of Russia's Biggest Missile Barrages This Year."

The WSJ Minute Briefing podcast uploads three one-minute episodes every day. This podcast is excellent for anyone who enjoys detailed but short news updates.

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