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Welcome to At Source – a place where natural health and wellbeing is at the forefront of the conversation. Gain useful insights direct from the source – from doctors, industry experts, wellness advocates and everything in between. This is a place for busy people who want to get to the core of health and wellness with information about the latest health advances and trends. Health and wellbeing are often personal and subjective to perception – while one might classify mental health at the top of their list, another might say that clean eating and nutrients is what they focus on. In this series we talk with and learn from inspiring leaders from all walks of life, touching on important topics that will help answer some of the key questions about natural health, wellbeing, fitness and all things direct from the source. To get in touch email: read less
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Rob Campbell – on how to cultivate your creativity
Oct 20 2022
Rob Campbell – on how to cultivate your creativity  Rob Campbell is Chief Strategy Officer at Colenso BBDO, a creative agency that has worked with iconic local and global brands to produce award-winning work that has the power to create positive change. With Google, Nike and Spotify among the brands Rob has worked alongside; his career path has seen him become a well-known strategist and a champion of creativity and chaos. Things we chat about: 'Head of Strategy' is a position Rob has held a few times before. We discuss what his journey has been like directing creative energy professionallyThe power of chaos and whether disruption is necessary in today's world to capture people's attentionHis project Dream Small and how this came aboutSome of the barriers the youth of New Zealand are facing today.Why Rob thinks creative pathways in tertiary education are undervaluedThe need to do more to support entrepreneurship in our young peopleHis views on people in management needing to be comfortable with creativity, outside of the industryWhether this such a thing as non-creative peopleWhy we are so afraid of failure and how we should educate our youth to form healthy relationshipsWhat creativity contributes to society and its role in tackling how countries deal with mental healthCovid’s impact on our understanding of creativity's power for health and well-being?Sometimes the daily demands of life can be draining. Rob also shares his tips on cultivating creativity and making space for it.
Grant Schofield – on everything from how to reframe and understand our health to cold water immersion
Oct 13 2022
Grant Schofield – on everything from how to reframe and understand our health to cold water immersion Grant Schofield is a professor of Public Health at AUT and director of the University's Human Potential Centre. He has been a Ted X speaker and co-authored the widely-selling book What The Fat, addressing the widespread fear of fats and the overconsumption of carbohydrates. Throughout his career, he has sought to educate the public on challenging their approach to health and provide lifestyle solutions for people to implement that can prevent chronic disease.  Things we chat about: His journey into health and wellbeing and his job as a professor of public health.How being sedentary impacts our bodies, and can we attempt to fit a week's worth of movement into the weekend?The traction that cold water immersion has gained, and as an advocate of this Grant explains some of the benefits, as well as the physical process occurring within our bodies.How can people implement cold water immersion into their daily lives, and how often should aim to do so.The concept of exercise as medicine and how it can help us.What the Fat Books and their approach to eating. What kinds of fats should we eat, and why we shouldn't be afraid of them.The link between sugar and inflammation and how that relates to insulin resistance and pre-diabetes.How we can approach our children's health and equip them from a younger age to build healthy habitHow we can make a start on improving our health and some of his top tips around this