Recipe for Integrative Heart Health

Prescription for Success with Dr. Emil Haldey

Jul 25 2019 • 55 mins

In this episode we’ll have our guest, Dr Patrick Fratellone, M.D. introduce us to the world of integrative medicine in general and the unique world of integrative cardiology. We’ll learn from him how he connects the conventional, complementary and alternative medicine fields into one personalized approach for each patient. Before he became an integrative practitioner, Dr Fratellone specialized in cardiology. His current integrative practice is unique in his approach with cardiology as the focus of his work. During our discussion, Dr Fratellone will share some of his wisdom in herbal therapy as well as with various bee products and how they can be incorporated into patients’ treatment plans as needed. Then we’ll hear how all this knowledge and expertise leads to unique ways of treating difficult chronic conditions such as auto-immune diseases, Lyme disease and heavy metal toxicity. Dr Fratellone will tell us what he does special to test and support cancer patients.