The Truth About Food

Prescription for Success with Dr. Emil Haldey

Nov 21 2019 • 56 mins

In this episode of Prescription for Success, Dr Emil Haldey will interview the featured guest and iconic figure in the world of health related to food – Dr David Katz. As a prominent public speaker, author of many books and scientific papers, founder of several non-profit organizations, director of research center, inventor of many medical diagnostic tools and creator of various health programs – Dr Katz will center his talk on “The True Health Initiative” - a non-profit organization established to promote messages about healthy, sustainable diet and lifestyle in the service of adding years to lives and life to years around the globe. Dr Katz will then briefly comment on some aspects of his book “The Truth About Food” which uniquely empowers readers to benefit from what’s fundamentally and reliably true – while setting us all free from fads, false claims, and distractions. Dr. Katz’ s book tells the readers how to differentiate truth from the exploitative “lies” that abound.