Eyes, Brains & Mindfulness

Prescription for Success with Dr. Emil Haldey

Oct 17 2019 • 54 mins

In this episode of Prescription for Success – “Eyes, Brains & Mindfulness”, Dr Emil Haldey will interview two special guests – Dr Rudrani Banik, MD, Neuro-Ophthalmology and Mickie Brown, RN, mindfulness teacher. The interview will start with the introduction for the two guests, their personal and professional journey. Dr Banik will explain the listeners how and why she chose this path in her career and what does she do different that many patients can benefit from. She will explain what neuro-ophthalmology is, how eyes and brain are connected in many ways and connected to the rest of the body; why an integrative and functional approach is needed to get real help in reaching wellness. Mickie will talk about mindfulness – the history of it, the benefits of learning about it and applying it in our busy and stressful lives. As an expert in headache/migraine, Dr Banik will tell the listeners how she treats these debilitating issues differently.