Holistic Healing from the Doctors Heart

Prescription for Success with Dr. Emil Haldey

Sep 12 2019 • 56 mins

In this episode titled “Holistic Healing from the Doctors Heart” Dr Emil Haldey will interview Dr Allan Warshowsky MD board certified ob gyn and integrative holistic medicine doctor. At the beginning of the interview, Dr Warshowsky will take us through his professional journey that allowed him to see both men and women, as well as children with a wide variety of conditions he treats. Then, he will explain and clarify for the listeners the meanings for various non conventional types of medical practices alternative, complementary, holistic, integrative, functional, etc. and he will talk about the content of his book. Dr Warshowsky will also explain the listeners how he balances hormones both in men and women through BHRT and why. Various chronic conditions, their link to environmental pollutants, heavy metal toxicity, diet and nutrition and their role in treating these chronic conditions will be covered toward the end of the interview.