Pain Management Secrets

Prescription for Success with Dr. Emil Haldey

Aug 8 2019 • 56 mins

In this episode Dr Emil Haldey will interview Dr Casilda Balmaceda, MD Neurology and Lisa Ludovici, Certified Medical Support Hypnosis Practitioner. First, both Dr Balmaceda and Lisa will share their journey on becoming who they are today professionally. Dr. Balmaceda will tell us how a civil engineer became a neurologist and Lisa – how she transitioned from Corporate America to hypnosis. In the first half of this episode Dr Balmaceda will answer questions about various ways she treats diverse forms of pain, including herbal medicine, pharmaceutical compounding, essential oils, etc. She will share some of her successful cases and her thoughts on opioid crisis. Lisa will continue in the second part with adding powerful information about hypnosis and hypnotherapy and its many applications. Both guests agree that pain needs a multi-disciplinary approach and will leave the show with encouraging thoughts for pain sufferers – there is hope and there are many ways to live without pain.