EP 17 | Carbon Fiber Manufacturing | CAD to CARS Podcast | ECS Tuning

A Few Deers Beep Podcast

Aug 25 2020 • 1 hr 18 mins

They are in Kevin's new pole barn with a special guest, ECS/Turner Engineer Shane Vallen talking about carbon fiber manufacturing. On today's daily ramblings. Dave pulled MSD ignition system off of the Corrado and put the stock on which fixed the issues. He sold his MK4 and his Moto4 is working great, no smoking. Kevin sent the power of attorney to the previous owner of the Audi motors, the most recent drift event went well, put new wheel bearings in the 1 series but it needs injectors. Will changed out the front shocks on his truck but doesn't want to do ball joints. Shane gives us his background and what he's into!

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Mike Day, Will Weischedel, Kevin Ferraro and Dave Seibert  from ECS Tuning, talk about all things with motors, development of parts and basic shenanigans

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