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Come Join the Madonna Lawsuit Party, Yeah (It’s a Litigation)

Legends Only - A Pop Culture Podcast

Jan 22 2024 • 1 hr 25 mins

T. Kyle and Bradley discuss the 2024 Coachella line-up (including Grindr’s version), the No Doubt reunion, the two NYC gays suing Madonna for being late for the ‘Celebration Tour’ in Brooklyn, Jamie Lee Curtis’ idea for matinee concerts, Jennifer Lopez’s insane ‘This Is Me…Now’ visual trailer, High Fashion Editorial! featuring Dua Lipa for ‘Rolling Stone’ and Lana Del Rey for SKIMS, Annaleigh Ashford at the Emmys, TikTok Talk featuring Renee Rapp not knowing who Kylie Minogue is and being proudly ageist and the ‘Mean Girls’ cast not knowing who anyone is either, Renee Rapp stanning Wendy Williams and Trisha Paytas on Call Her Daddy, Mikayla’s self-tanner drama, new music from T. Kyle (Ariana Grande remix, T. K-Hole!), Dua Lipa’s Danny L Harle mix, Allie X, Shygirl, Kali, ARTY, Above and Beyond, MASH, and of course, Ava Max and Kygo.

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