2023 October #BeTheGift Connections: "Donation 101: Brain Death"

#BeTheGift Connections

Oct 19 2023 • 44 mins

Join us for October's #BeTheGift Connections: "Donation 101: Brain Death" as we discuss what brain death is and the criteria used to declare it. We'll hear from Critical Care Dr. Nadia Froehling with Erlanger Health Systems and TDS In-House Donation Specialist Amy Layne explain brain death, the testing involved, and the separate roles of the hospital and Tennessee Donor Services. Wes Patten, TDS Family Care Manager will share how brain death is explained to families and how they are guided through the process. We'll then be joined by Betsy Harrell and Tiki Finlayson, donor mothers, who will share their experience of being told about brain death, their reaction and ultimately the acceptance of the diagnosis.