LFP #47: The Power of Concert Journaling and Reflecting On Your Live Music Experiences

Live Fix Podcast

Mar 31 2023 • 1 hr 31 mins

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you documented and reflected on the impact and meaning of every concert experience you’ve ever had? What would you learn about yourself? What would you discover about how those live music moments changed your life? But what if you didn’t do it? What if you didn’t reflect on or write down your concert moments? What if you didn't stop to think how your favorite concerts made you feel and why? Would you forget your those moments as you went further and further away from that moment? Would the true meaning of those moments be lost in the wake of history forever never to be discovered again?

On this episode we talk with Various Artists, the host and creator of My Life In Concert.com podcast.

Together we explore……

  • The swell of anticipation leading up to seeing David Bowie
  • What he remembers most about his first concert seeing Roxy Music in 1975
  • Reflecting on the healing power of Patti Smith live in concert
  • Why our sense of smell help us recall our favorite concerts and concert venues
  • The role of the concert fan tribe and why concerts are one of the most unique global communities we will ever be a part of, and why reflecting on the present moment of live music is such a cathartic force in our lives.
  • The power of journaling our concert experiences and how journaling and then looking back unlocks and reveals what our concert experiences really mean to us in the broader context of our lives.

It’s a good one and enjoy the show!!!!