LFP #65: Live Music Is... A Refuge, Family Legacy and Cathartic Connection with singer/songwriter Brian Bertrand

Live Fix Podcast

Jan 27 2024 • 1 hr 28 mins

In this episode we explore the live music experiences of singer/songwriter Brian Bertrand. This was a fun one, my fellow concert fans. We connected with Brian to talk about how he developed into a guitarist, the art of learning to play live, the different depths of community and intimacy when playing big stages versus small venues, and why growing up in a musical family forever changed artistic journey. We had a blast revisiting his most inspiring concert experiences which include a life-altering Pink Floyd show in Colorado, sneaking in to see early Styx in a high school fieldhouse in Chicago, and an unforgettable gig opening for REO Speedwagon!

Explored during the show:

  • The influence family and siblings on his musical journey and guitar lessons from Sister Rose
  • How covering other artists’ music live can help fans serendipitously experience healing, catharsis and comfort
  • The significance of guitar design, player hand size, and the process of customizing instruments all matter and make an impact when playing live
  • The art and importance of reading fan nonverbal communication and interaction during band performances
  • Why his band takes stage setup inspiration from Emerson, Lake and Palmer.
  • The satisfaction of seeing people sing their lyrics back and the need for artists to cultivate a sense of community with their fans, both during shows and through social media.
  • A life-changing moment when they attended a Pink Floyd concert at the Mile High Stadium.
  • How music can bring comfort, especially when it resonates with a person's life experiences or emotions.
  • His love for deconstructing songs and his live music experiences.
  • The use of AI and hologram technology to recreate famous artists and their performances.

Artist Mentioned

  • Reo Speedwagon
  • Pink Floyd
  • Styx
  • Emerson Lake and Palmer
  • Subdudes
  • Garth Brooks
  • Glenn Phillips
  • Jason Isbell
  • Sweet Remains
  • Rush
  • Amy Winehouse
  • Rod Stewart
  • Corey Wong