LFP #45: Why Does What We See During A Concert Matter So Much?

Live Fix Podcast

Nov 28 2022 • 1 hr 20 mins

On this Life Fix Podcast episode, we explore the creative work and personal concert experiences of Macy Burr, graphic designer and owner of Soundscape Studio. With her work on Soundscape Studio Macy transforms music scores into colorful, geometric artwork.

Macy shares her unique perspective on the live music experience as we dive into the importance of thoughtfully and meaningfully designing the visual elements of the live concert experience. We explore why the colors, stage design and branding of the band collectively influence our emotions, memories and everything about our live music experiences.

From a fan and graphic designer perspective, Macy tells us what she learned from a really amazing Buck Meek show and a really bad 30 Seconds To Mars show. She also shares how she “blacked out” during the Buck Meek show, doesn’t remember any of the specific songs, but still ranks that show as one of her all-time favorite shows.  This story made us wonder…what happens in our mind and body during a concert that can we be so emotionally present in the moment that we don’t remember what songs were played but still love the show?

Together with Macy we wonder…what if we could create visual art that is a representation of the emotional experience we have at a live show? Can we create that type of transformative visual art with modern technology like MRIs and image mapping devices? And if we could, what would that art look like and how would that art create a deeper sense of community and make us more connected as concert fans? Can we create visual art that captures and enhances our shared live music experiences?

Macy shares why she considered creating a “scratch and sniff” soundscape and how she was amazed to discover her artwork was tattooed on another fan’s body. Enjoy the show!

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