The Working Artist Project

Darrian Douglas

The Working Artist project is our attempt to answer questions and confront challenges that artists face on a daily basis. We are taking the time to get to know artist from every field with the intent of debunking the myths, and shedding light on the realities of the artist at work.
Robin Barnes: Staying True to YourselfAlbert Allenback: Tank and BangersLydia Liebman: The Power of PromotionMakaya McCraven: Push BeyondAndy Farber: My SoundStranger Than Fiction with Jon GordonDarren Hoffman: Entrepreneurship in MusicRoland Guerin: All About That BassEmily Fredrickson: Arranging your lifeChristian Richardson: The Art Of StorytellingAlexa Barchini: Music for the peopleConscious: Making Moves with NFT'sImmanuel Wilkins: Mine the RuinsHannah Kreiger-Benson: Music is Not a CrimeAdi Meyerson: RevolutionaryJulian Gosin: No LimitsAlvester Garnett: Lean InTahira Clayton: Sexism in the Music IndustryLee Mo: No more gamesTheljon Allen: Empowering Yourself