Yosh Tube

May 4 2021 • 1 hr 2 mins

Film in Discussion: The Act of Killing 2012 | Denmark | Joshua Oppenheimer Dead Cinema Society is a confluence of curious individuals interested in the revitalization of Cinema out from entertainment. In the fashion of popular sports talk shows, such as "Around the Horn", four artists discuss, debate, analyze and personally rank films. Our film reporters find a mean average ranking for the film in discussion so that the film can find its final resting place in the ranking system on our website. Our film reporters: Yoshi Barrigas (Actor, Director) @yoshthejester Chris Skovira (Writer, MA in Arts & Film) @chris_Skovira Paul Jackson (Writer, Actor) @heypauljackson Aaron Mann (Actor, Model) @aaronmannofficial Follow @DeadCinemaSociety on Instagram and visit our website to view all of our rankings and discussions: (​ Listen to our full episodes on Spotify, iTunes and your favorite podcast apps! Support this podcast

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