Episode 43: Why Everyone Should Take Time to Reflect

Pass the Baton: Empowering Students in Music Education

Feb 13 2023 • 34 mins

This week Kathryn and Theresa had the opportunity to talk to Lori Schwartz Reichl about an invaluable topic - reflection! Lori taught middle school band in Pennsylvania and Maryland. Currently, she provides professional development for music educators, does guest conducting and adjudication work, and writes for music educators and administrators. Lori also recently completed a doctoral degree in music education. One of Lori’s passions is reflection, and in this interview she shares why and how everyone - music educators and music students - should include reflection as part of their practice.

Connect with Lori to learn more about her work:

  • https://makingkeychanges.com
  • https://nafme.org/the-heartbreaking-truth-about-education-why-and-how-will-we-survive/
  • https://nafme.org/5-things-teachers-can-do-to-recharge-over-the-summer/

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