Episode 317: Resurrection Choices

Transforming Mission Podcast with Tim Bias & Sara Thomas

Apr 2 2024 • 19 mins

Episode 317, 'Resurrection Choices', explores the theme of resurrection as a metaphor for leadership and personal growth. In this Easter season episode, the hosts discuss how the concept of resurrection symbolizes the possibility of new life and hope emerging from failure and setbacks.

They introduce a three-step process inspired by Brene Brown's work on resilience, consisting of the reckoning, the rumble, and the revolution, to help individuals learn from failures and reinvent themselves. This process involves acknowledging emotions, challenging assumptions, and writing a brave new ending to our stories.

Through this discussion, the episode emphasizes the power of self-awareness, the importance of emotional honesty, and the transformative potential of the resurrection in both leadership and everyday life.

Listen to Episode 317 at https://transformingmission.org/317

Time Stamp for Resurrection Choices

00:00 Introduction to Resurrection Choices

00:48 The Essence of Resurrection: New Life and Hope

02:24 Embracing Resilience

03:35 The Reckoning: Understanding Our Emotions

09:01 The Rumble: Owning Our Stories

14:03 The Revolution: Writing a New Ending

16:21 Applying Resurrection Choices to Leadership and Life

18:16 Conclusion: The Continuous Journey of Resurrection Choices