Episode 313: Perceptions that Shape Your Choices

Transforming Mission Podcast with Tim Bias & Sara Thomas

Mar 5 2024 • 19 mins

Episode 313, 'Perceptions that Shape your Choices,' explores the critical role of choice in Christ-centered leadership, especially during the Lenten season. The hosts, Sara and Tim, discuss how leadership is more than a position of power; it's a series of deliberate choices that reflect one’s character and influence.

When you examine John 3:14-21 to understand Jesus's teachings on love, belief, and eternal life, it helps us see that leadership choices are grounded in the selfless love exemplified by Jesus. Tim shares a story about a man named Joe to illustrate the importance of actionable love and the impact of choices on leadership effectiveness.

The episode encourages leaders to lead by example, showing God's love through their actions and decisions.

TimeStamp for Transforming Mission Podcast Episode 313

00:00 Introduction to the Podcast and Topic

01:00 Exploring the Concept of Leadership as a Choice

02:18 Reading and Discussing John 3:14-21

04:35 Deep Dive into the Meaning of Love in the Scripture

06:28 Exploring the Quality of God's Love

07:24 Understanding God's Love for His Creation

07:45 Unpacking the Concept of 'Gave His Son'

08:47 Exploring the Meaning of 'Believes' and 'Conversion'

10:33 Understanding the Concept of 'Perish' and 'Eternal Life'

12:00 Discussing the Theme of Light and Darkness

12:36 Exploring the Concept of 'Truth' in John's Gospel

13:00 Story Illustrating the Importance of Choices in Leadership

16:56 Final Thoughts on Leadership as a Choice

19:18 Closing Remarks and Invitation for Reflection