Episode 316: A Week of Choices

Transforming Mission Podcast with Tim Bias & Sara Thomas

Mar 25 2024 • 23 mins

Episode 316 of Transforming Mission’s podcast, titled 'A Week of Choices,' guides listeners through a scriptural journey for each day of Holy Week. Starting with Monday before Easter and culminating on Easter Sunday, the episode features daily scripture readings from the Gospel of John, accompanied by thoughtful prayers.

These readings and prayers reflect significant events from Jesus's arrival in Bethany to his resurrection, aiming to provide insights and comfort. The episode encourages listeners to reflect on the themes of service, betrayal, sacrifice, and resurrection, promoting a deeper understanding and connection with the story of Holy Week.

Listen, read, reflect, and respond to the scripture and prayer shared in this episode at https://transformingmission.org/316

TimeStamp for Episode 316: A Week of Choices

00:32 Monday: The Beginning of Holy Week John 12:1-11

03:38 Tuesday: The Greeks Seek Jesus John 12:20 - 36

06:27 Wednesday: The Betrayal Foretold John 13:21-32

08:46 Thursday: The Last Supper and Foot Washing John 13:1 ff

12:30 Friday: The Crucifixion of Jesus John 19:14-37

16:46 Saturday: The Burial of Jesus John 19:38-42

18:14 Sunday: The Resurrection of Jesus John 20:1-18