Rethinking Preparing For Christmas

Transforming Mission Podcast with Tim Bias & Sara Thomas

Dec 5 2023 • 18 mins

In episode 301 of the Transforming Missions podcast, Tim and Sara dive into the second episode of their series, Rethinking Advent. They explore the concept of Advent as a time of conscious preparation and invitation into a deeper, spiritual experience of Christmas.

Using the metaphor of a journey across a bridge, they emphasize the necessity of slowing down and savoring the moments leading up to Christmas. By considering the role of John the Baptist as a bridge between the old and the coming reality, they discuss how prioritizing introspection, prayer and scripture can lead to transformation and enrich the Advent season. They caution against rushing through preparations and propose a practice pattern of read, reflect, respond, return.

0:00 Episode 301: Rethinking Preparing for Jesus

00:22 Introduction and Welcome

00:37 Rethinking Advent: The Bridge Metaphor

01:36 The Importance of Preparation

03:52 Personal Story: Crossing the Bridge

06:35 The Role of John the Baptist

07:11 Scripture Reading and Reflection

09:14 The Value of Slowing Down

12:05 The Spiritual Work of Advent

12:46 Practical Ways to Prepare for Advent

14:48 Conclusion and Final Thoughts

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