RJEC Project Red Cord Chronicles - Introductions

RJEC Project Red Cord Chronicles

Apr 7 2022 • 15 mins

Project Red Cord Chronicles is a Podcast dedicated to raise awareness of human trafficking while sharing the journey of trauma informed programs and services being used to bring hope, empowerment, and restoration to those whose lives have been ravaged by this crime. This podcast shines a light on how innovative programs and unique outreach efforts are being used to empower everyday people to create a safe community and protect their families from this atrocious crime. Overcoming hopeless situations is possible. Winning in every area of life is possible. Be ready to learn, shed a tear, laugh, be challenged, and be motivated by survivors to take action, all while you increase your belief in the amazing power of hope. Incredible things are happening to help people thrive in life and Project Red Cord Chronicles delivers those stories of hope.