EP 07- RJEC Special 20th Anniversary Edition

RJEC Project Red Cord Chronicles

Oct 14 2022 • 1 hr 14 mins

In this episode, listeners will hear stories from several long time RJEC supporters, staff, survivors, board members and Renee Jones herself to learn all about the wonderful history, journey and progress of Renee Jones Empowerment Center over the last 20 years!

Special guests include:

Renee Jones: RJEC Founder, President & CEO

Traci Grasso: RJEC Program Coordinator - 1st employee hired at RJEC

Annette Mango:

Joan Clark & Carla Lovejoy: RJEC Board Members

Detective John Morgan- Ohio Attorney General’s Cuyahoga Regional Human Trafficking Task Force

Jonathan Walsh of Walsh Law Firm, LLC: Former Board Chair & RJEC Legal Advisor

Xavier Walsh: RJEC Youth Ambassador

For more information call the Center at  (216) 417-0823