The Continuing Educator


A math teacher and a professional learning pro bring a blast of fresh air to educators everywhere, every week!

Here's what makes this teaching podcast different: We have big ideas about education AND we know how to put them to work in your classroom AND we'll tell you funny stories about doing it. Every episode is packed with tips from your peers working in schools right now and strategies from the pros on the professional learning team at NWEA. Plus, our co-hosts Jacob Bruno (EVP of Learning & Improvement Services at NWEA) and Kailey Rhodes (middle school math teacher in Portland) guarantee that you will laugh at least 12.8 times per episode.

If you've got a comment about an episode or a funny story you want to tell, send us a voice memo at and we might respond on air. AND! If you enjoy the podcast so much that you want to learn more about how NWEA professional learning delivers high-quality online, onsite, virtual, and blended learning experiences to help educators bring curriculum, instruction, and assessment into alignment to improve student outcomes, go here:

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