TLA Chapter 16 Assault on Silo 13

The Lone Adventurer

Apr 26 2022 • 29 mins

Mina sneaks her way into Sanctum Eruptio in search of the Infernal Powder, but an unpleasant discovery awaits her. It’s all-out war between the Cult of the Great Machine and the Piperunners, with the very existence of the city at stake!



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Blades in the Dark

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Circles in a circle:

Gunpowder Plot

Beirut explosion:

Mechanics SCENE 42: Interrupt:

EVENT (from last scene and previous scene) Move away from a thread (track down the visitor) trust the intellectual +Abandon Stalemate

Valerian daCosta (The Visitor) (Slide)

Alphonse “Crater” Crabtree (Cutter)

Israel “Flint” Locke (Lurk)

Mordecai Rowe (Leech)

Malory Crow (Hound)

Tatiana “Tatters” Kamidev (Whisper)

The Spider (Spider)

FATE: Has Mina left this plane? (Has to be) yes

EVENT: nature of stalemate: Lie Magic

SCENE 43: Hunting for the Sanctus Eruptio

Chaos Factor 2

Altered Scene: Altered (General Alert)

Disguise Self time remaining: 41 minutes remaining

Mina: Investigation to find the Sanctus: 14 vs DC 17: fail by 3. Fail forward (Chapter 5) with consequence.

EVENT: Adjourn Victory (the attack begins, Mina is caught up in defence)

DESCRIPTION: Efficiently Strong (fortified foundations, heavily guarded)

FATE: Piperunners attack the Sanctus? (Very Likely) Exceptional No

FATE: Gas? (50/50) Exceptional No

FATE: Piperunners already in the Sanctus? (Likely) Yes

SCENE 44 Assault on the Sanctus Erupto

Chaos Factor 3

Altered Scene: No

FATE: Do the PRs seal the doors? (Likely) no, Random Event

EVENT (PC Negative) Inform Possessions

FATE Disguise seen through? (50/50) no (Barbican)

Mina (Bonus): Barbican attack PRs

FATE Suspicions allayed? (Likely) yes

FATE Barbican damaged? (50/50) no

FATE into storage area? (Likely) exceptional yes

FATE Jukti present? (has to be) no

DESCRIPTION (PR forces) threateningly average

FATE Is there an obvious entry point? (50/50) exceptional no

FATE darkness? (50/50) no

EVENT what are they doing? Create a representative (negotiator)