TLA Chapter 12 The Belly of The Beast

The Lone Adventurer

Mar 30 2022 • 29 mins

Our heroes must avoid the many dangers of the twisting tunnels of the Underpipes, but there are things far more lethal than magic-eating beetles down here. They soon come face to face with a terrible new foe, as well as a hated old one.



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Names, by the Story Games Names Project:


Mythic Deck:

Tempting Fate:

Mechanics SCENE 30 (part 2)

Stealth: Mina (DIS) 10, Cadmus 17, Barbican 13

Perception Swarm (DIS): 4

SCENE 31: Investigating the pipes

Chaos Factor 5

Altered Scene: Interrupt: Move away from a thread (Investigate the Whisperer’s death) Arrive Illusions (discuss Unseen: could be anyone, why a public death?)

DUNGEON: Theme: Incredible Power, Unique (Faction Base), Discovery (Book/ scroll/ map): map of the Underpipes

DESCRIPTION Innocently Poor

FATE: Piperunners? (Likely) Yes, random event

NPC Positive (Piperunners) Heal Suffering (Cadmus is back!)

FATE Captured? (50/50) Exceptional yes (many enemies, disarmed)

SCENE 32 Interrogation

Chaos Factor 6

Altered Scene: no

FATE: Piperunners hostile? (Likely) No, random event: Ambiguous Event: Extravagance Pain (flayed Hydroclanner)

UNE: Lively crone (comparable power). Motivation: communicate disbelief, conceive propaganda, complete dissonance. Name: Ouma Jukti

EVENT: why enmity with the surface? Bestow Assist

FATE vs rival factions? (50/50) no (vs the surface)

SCENE 33 Standoff

Chaos Factor 7

Altered Scene: Interrupt: NPC Action (Machine Cultists) Antagonise Pleasures (they arrive mid discussion)

EVENT: Why do they need healing? Betray Tension (conflict with other factions)

Mina Investigation: Barrels, Machine Cultists: +6 vs DC 10: 15

FATE: Does she provide Infernal Powder source? (Very Unlikely) No

FATE: Do the machine cultists recognise Mina? (50/50) Yes

FATE: Do they want her dead? (50/50) Yes

FATE: Does Jukti want her alive? (50/50) Yes

FATE: Does this cause conflict between the Piperunners and the Cultists? (50/50) Yes

FATE: Is their alliance an uneasy one? (50/50) Exceptional Yes

FATE: Do the cultists back down? (Likely) Exceptional Yes