TLA Chapter 13 Hell Hath No Fury

The Lone Adventurer

Apr 6 2022 • 29 mins

Captured by the Piperunners, a helpless Mina and Cadmus discover the true ruthlessness of their foe, and the full terrifying scale of her master plan.



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Ring of Winter:


Mechanics SCENE 34

Chaos Factor 7 Altered Scene: Interrupt (PC Negative) Oppress The Spiritual

FATE: Cadmus hobbled by Mina? (50/50) Yes (had threatened to cut off his feet)

FATE: Repurpose maintenance mechs? (Likely) No

EVENT: what weapon? (Adjourn the Intellectual)

FATE: Is there a CPU of the Pipes? (Likely) Yes

FATE: Is the CPU the Great Machine? (Very Likely) Yes


Chaos Factor 8

Altered Scene: Interrupt (Move Away from a Thread - The Wedding) Attract Military

FATE: Does she say why she wants to attack the city? (50/50) Yes

Motivation (1d4)

  1. Fear
  2. Revenge X
  3. Altruism
  4. No Choice

Revenge for what?

EVENT: Stop Friendship (Betrayed)

FATE: Betrayed Personally? (Unlikely) Yes

How long ago? (d100) 86 years

FATE Is she older than she looks? (50/50) Exceptional Yes (Ring of Winter)

FATE: Does she come from the city above? Yes

FATE Noble House? (50/50) Yes

  1. Fargalay
  2. Monsitario
  3. Toreth X
  4. Amberen
  5. Other