TLA Chapter 7 The Climb

The Lone Adventurer

Feb 23 2022 • 29 mins

Mina and Cadmus find themselves within touching distance of freedom, but face seemingly insurmountable odds to attain it. Can they possibly overcome the massed might of HydroClan?



Mina’s character sheet:

Cadmus’ character sheet:

Mythic GM Emulator Deck:

Skill Challenge:

Noble House Randomiser:

Mechanics SCENE 15 Interrogation

Chaos Factor 5

Altered Scene? Interrupt: PC Positive: Arrive Goals

Cadmus reaction: NPC Continues, -2 (Disposition 4) 6 goodberries (20/22hp)

SCENE 16: The Climb

Chaos Factor 4

Altered Scene? Altered: they are being pursued.

Skill Challenge: 3 moderate successes DC 15 each, penalties on failure, combat after 3 failures

Cadmus Athletics +3, help (Mina) 8 fail (0 of 3)

Consequence Use a monster, danger, or location move

Event: Persecute Competition (siren sounded, more HydroClan)

Mina Athletics +1 16 success (1 of 3)

Cadmus Athletics +3, help (Mina) 20 success (1 of 3)

Mina Athletics +1 3 fail (1 of 3)

Consequence show signs of an approaching threat

Event Starting liberty ("free the great water spirit!")

Cadmus +3 help (Mina) 15 success;(2 of 3)

Mina +1 fail (1 of 3)

Consequence Turn their move back on them (2 x HydroClan cultists climb faster: combat)

Starting climb height: 80ft, exit at 120’

Mina on 2 of 3 Hero Points, no HD spent


Water Weird 23

Mina 21

HydroClan bandits 11

Cadmus 7

HydroClan cultists 2

Round 1

Water weird (58/58 hp): trapped

Mina 34/38hp): Pistol 12 vs AC 12 hit 10hp: cultist 1 dead, cultist 2 8/9hp), Move 15’, Cultist Opportunity attack: 14 vs AC 17 miss: Mina at 95’

6 Hydroclan bandits (all on 11/11hp): Crossbow DIS for long range: 1 hit 5hp Mina (30/38)

Cadmus: Sacred Flame v Cultist 2 Dex 14 vs DC 12: miss, Move 10’, Cadmus at 90’

Hydroclan Cultist 2: move, scimitar 23 vs AC 14: hit Cadmus 4hp (16/22hp)

HydroClan Cultist 3-5 move up ladder, scimitar 8 vs AC 14 miss

Round 2

FATE: Weird released? (Likely): Yes

FATE? Attack HydroClan? (50/50): Yes

Water Weird: Constrict: 11 vs AC 12 miss, move to 60’

Mina (30/38): Pistol 12 vs AC 12 hit 1hp: cultist 2 dead, cultist 3 5/9hp), move (15’ to 110’)

6 HydroClan bandits: Crossbow DIS for long range:1 hit on Mina (25/38hp), 2 hits on Cadmus (6/22hp)

Cadmus: Move, dash (20’ to 110’)

HydroClan Cultists: move, 1 hit on Mina (21/38hp)

Round 3

FATE: Weird attack HydroClan? (50/50) Yes

Water Weird (58/58): Move, constrict 13hp, Cultist 5 dead

Mina (21/38hp): Bonus: healing surge: 6hp (27/38), pistol 20 vs AC 13 hit, Weird takes 18hp (40/58hp) 110’)

6 HydroClan bandits all miss

Cadmus (6/22hp) Move 10’ to 120’, open circular handwheel: Athletics DC 13: DIS 12 fail

HydroClan cultist 3 (5/9hp): hit Mina 4hp (23/38hp)

HydroClan cultist 4 (9/9hp): miss

Round 4

Water Weird (40/58): move, constrict miss Mina

Mina (23/38hp) Bonus: healing surge:7hp (30/38hp), pistol 20 vs AC 13 hit Weird takes 6hp (34/58hp)

6 HydroClan bandits: 1 hit on Cadmus, Parry

Cadmus: (6/22hp) open circular handwheel: Athletics DC 13: DIS 6 fail

HydroClan cultist 3 (5/9hp): miss

HydroClan cultist 4 (9/9hp): miss

Round 5

Water Weird (34/58): move, constrict hit Mina 13 (17/38hp), grappled, restrained escape DC 13

Mina (17/38hp): escape DC 13 STR 14, move (120’)

6 HydroClan bandits: hit Cadmus Parry, hit Cadmus 5hp (1/22hp)

Cadmus: (1/22hp) open circular handwheel: Athletics DC 13: DIS 8 fail, Bonus Healing Word

FATE: Does he heal himself? Yes 4hp (5/22hp) (2/2 L1 spell slots used)

HydroClan cultist 3 (5/9hp): miss

HydroClan cultist 4 (9/9hp): miss

Round 6

Water Weird (34/58hp) miss

Mina (17/38hp) ready action (Cadmus help)

6 Hydroclan bandits: all miss

Cadmus: help

Mina: open circular handwheel: Athletics DC 13 ADV 9 fail Hero Point 16 success, Move

Water Weird Opportunity attack miss Mina

HydroClan cultist 3 (5/9hp) Opportunity attack: hit Cadmus 4hp (1/22hp)

HydroClan cultist 4 (9/9hp) Opportunity attack: miss

Scene 17: To the Surface

Chaos Factor 5

Altered Scene? Expected

FATE: Do the attackers continue? (Likely) No (screams from below: Weird attacks cultists)

FATE: Is the way out obvious? (Likely)Yes (tunnel up, grating, steps up from cellar- water pipes)

Cadmus: 3 Goodberries (4/22hp)

Description: Where are they? Joyfully Lavish

FATE: Noble House mansion? Yes

  1. Fargalay
  2. Monsitario
  3. Toreth
  4. Amberen


House Toreth

Motto: By Quill and By Sword

Sigil: A golden two-headed roc on a scarlet field

An ancient noble house, historically militaristic, now waning in both size and political influence. They seek to reclaim old glories by seeking out power in the outer realms, and are intent on establishing a military presence in these strange new worlds. In Kyras they have secret ties to organised crime.

Scene 17 continued in Chapter 8