TLA Chapter 18 Aftermath

The Lone Adventurer

May 12 2022 • 29 mins

In the aftermath of the war against the Piperunners, Mina is left facing another implacable foe. And even if she does survive, what price will she be forced to pay?



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The Science of Storytelling:


Countdown Clocks:

Mechanics SCENE 46:

Chaos Factor 3

Altered Scene: no

FATE: Do the Cultists attack? (50/50) no

FATE: Is she seen as an ally? (50/50) no

FATE: Do they keep her prisoner? (50/50) no

FATE: Is there a quid pro quo? (Likely) Celebrate Opulence

FATE: do the cult know of the entrance to House Toreth? (50/50) exceptional no

FATE: do they know who Mina is? (Unlikely) no

FATE: Does Mina think the machine is made by the dwarves? (Unlikely) exceptional no

FATE: Do the cult have leverage? (50/50) no


Chaos Factor 4

Altered Scene: no

FATE: does the Cult knows the source of the powder? (Unlikely) yes

Mina persuasion 13 vs Voice DC 15 fail (won’t reveal powder source)

Mina Insight 13 vs Deception 5 (she knows he knows)

Mina persuasion 19 (nat 20) vs DC 15 (Cult will assist with Cadmus recovery)

FATE: Is Mina able to retrieve the ring? (50/50) no

FATE: Has Cadmus been harmed? (Likely) no

FATE: rescued by Antiope? (Likely) Exceptional no

FATE: Antiope killed? (Likely) yes


Chaos Factor 3

Altered Scene: no

FATE: Do the cultists remain with Mina? (Unlikely) no