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Chris Costello

Welcome to On Cue Chris Costello. My Dad, Lou Costello, of the popular comedy team Abbott and Costello, was not only a comic, but a humanitarian who loved helping people. He was a sincere advocate when it came to helping others, and to be there for people who wanted to make a positive difference in our world. I guess you might say, his passion has been passed on to me. I invite you to come and listen, as I talk with people who are making an imprint in our world. People such as Elizabeth Beisel, a 3x Olympian and 2x Olympic medalist who is paying it forward; Francis Gary Powers Jr., the son of U2 pilot Francis Gary Powers whose U2 spy plane was shot down over the Soviet Union in 1960, and so many others. We have some amazing people, all sharing their equally amazing stories. Please join me on, On Cue Chris Costello http://chrisoncue.buzzsprout.com

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