Editor's Picks from Ecotextile News

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Jun 29 2022 • 18 mins

Welcome to the first episode of Editor’s picks.

Each week the Editor of Ecotextile News will select a few key stories from the magazine that he thinks you need to hear.

This week we report on:

How fashion is reacting to the implementation of new regulations in the US that assume any product partly or wholly made in the Xinjiang region of north-west China, is linked to the region’s labour camps and cannot enter the country. (2.15)

Some promising new DNA-based technology that claims to pinpoint the exact origin of textile fibres and could help to filter out Xinjiang-grown cotton from global supply chains. (6.50)

How a 400 million Euro investment in Finland aims to scale up the production of textile fibres made entirely from waste clothing and other textiles. (11.19)

And in our fourth, and final story, we have a disturbing report from India that exposes how some garment workers on the Indian sub-continent are still suffering from illegal rates of pay, verbal abuse, and even sexual harassment. (13.55)

The stories are about to hear are just a sample of what is on offer in Ecotextile News.

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