Innovating traditional education systems in South Africa

Future Smart Parent

Aug 7 2021 • 38 mins

Welcome to episode 8 where I chat with Kim Day about the work that the school she teachers at is doing, and has been doing for decades, to provide a child-centered holistic system of education - and why adapting our current educational system is so critical, as well as totally doable, for the 21st Century.

We chat about how we can make education relevant for the 21st century, about how we let children craft their own learning pathway, and no, we're not talking about homeschooling here, we're talking about an ex Model C, Government School getting this right in Durban, South Africa.

We talk about using the curriculum and how schools can customise it to individual interests, strengths, and needs. We talk about how Manor Gardens assesses their kids as well as how they cover the curriculum using a language across the curriculum approach and project-based learning.

Kim is a teacher with a passion for learning. She’s curious about the possibilities for creating learning environments that engage children and help them to flourish. Kim is involved in projects that innovate within traditional systems of education and is a teacher at Manor Gardens Primary School, a government school in Durban.

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