Keeping families safe and sane online

Future Smart Parent

Nov 30 2021 • 26 mins

Jude Foulston is joined by Josh Ramsay from Be in Touch - a digital wellness consultancy and they discuss how families, parents, teachers, and schools can improve their digital interaction and capitalize on the limitless potential of the online world in a safe and productive manner using principles and tools to improve our digital life together.

Josh highlights some common and obvious problems where parents hand over devices without limit causing detrimental long-term harm to our kids ever-changing futures.

He clearly and honestly highlights the need for parental controls on our digital lives.

The discussion advises that parental controls start with building a positive and open relationship around digital control and developing a family digital alliance as well as setting education and entertainment goals to every app or software used.

Jude and Josh insightfully define 3 areas software or tools can reduce harm namely:

  • Monitoring content
  • Managing screen time
  • Filter content and websites

Maintaining curiosity through the parent/child relationship asking better questions, listening intently and putting kids in the driving seats of their own digital lives.

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