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Toure talks to successful people to find out how they became successful and to see what they know that can help you on your journey. Get Extended Interviews & Exclusive Episodes every week by supporting the show on Patreon.com/toureshow
Jam & Lewis–We Are A Part of the Rhythm NationTiffany Haddish - I Am WinningRémy Ngamije–I WriteWho Killed Malcolm XAlicia Garza–I Know Black Lives MatterNikole Hannah-Jones - I Live In A SlaveocracyYvonne Orji–I Love JesusJelani Cobb–I Love Black PeopleOmar Dorsey–I Love ActingIsiah Thomas–I'm A ChampionBitchinJustin Simien–I'm Done With Dear White PeopleKareem Abdul-Jabbar-How To Ball In LifeCeleste Headlee–I Wanna Talk About RacismAdam Schiff–I’m Scared For Our DemocracyBig Daddy Kane - I'm A Smooth OperatorKhalil Muhammad–I Love HistoryNeal Brennan–I Feel FunnyMichael K WIlliamsClint Smith–I Write