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Juicy conversations about the human experience, aliveness, deep intimacy and sacred sensuality. The wild divine feminine in her glory and in her mess. We focus on the soul, authenticity, vulnerability, raw expression, embodied spirituality, erotic wisdom.

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How to deal with rejection?
Aug 24 2021
3 mins
How to deal with rejection?Let's remember the beauty of the feminineThe beauty of vulnerabilityMake your practice a "Blissipline!"The feminine ways...WTF is Self Love? Be authentic and vulnerableSelf Love and Emotional Alchemy - When Pain is your guruMasculine/Feminine Polarity with Lorin Krenn ( Part 2 )Existential and so what?! Owning it!From F*ckboy to Real Intimacy with Lorin Krenn (Part 1)Kundalini Talk - Awakening the serpent of lifeWTF is Tantra?! with Sebastian Valensi
What is #tantra exactly? Episode from December 2019 Some simple down to earth answers in this Podcast about tantra I interviewed one of my good friend Sebastian a wonderful tantra teacher 2 Aries talking to each other 😊- Description of "tantra" in one sentence- How did Sebastian get into tantra? - Why people associate tantra with s~x?- Tantra principles:- Embracing all the aspects/emotions, - Divinisation, non dual philosophy.- Spiritual technology for self intimacy and self recognition- S~x is divine and powerful a sacred spiritual practice.- Integration of the archetypes, feminine and masculine.- Difference between Ascetic and Tantric point of view- Alchemy and Sublimation of the energies.- Ancient philosophy for modern days.- There is no tantra without love or self intimacy.- S~x with multiple partners? Polyamory and avoidance.- Do we need to be in love to have conscious s~x?- Connection between mind, heart and s~x.- Nonejaculation and tantra? Tantric men talk.- Self investigation with what is draining our life force.- Tantrics were mystics rebels in love with truth and authenticity breaking the rules and set of moralities- Is orgasm the goal in tantra?- What to say/do to someone who is bored during s~x?- How many different types of org~sms do we have?- What is necessary for a good s~xual connection?- Eye gazing why? What is the point?- Removing the mask, conscious vulnerable communication of desires, fears and boundaries.- Transfiguration what is it?- What is intimacy? - Being ourselves? how?- Danger in spiritual path (not aligned/feeling/knowing ourselves)- Integrate - Connect with your enemies, embrace your other aspects, understanding and compassion.- How to introduce tantra to a partner who is not into it?- Sacred time for you, self love to find conscious actions and create an outstanding life.🙏
Nov 5 2020
1 hr 8 mins