Episode 58: Hope in the Darkness: Trusting God through the Hard Part 2 with Ted & Ally Hotchkiss

Living Wholehearted Podcast With Jeff and Terra

Dec 22 2020 • 18 mins

Welcome to part 2 of trusting God through the hard. If you didn’t hear the beginning of Ted and Ally Hotchkiss’s story, take time to hear their love story (we all love a good love story). Stories of hope in the midst of darkness are reminders of how resilient we can be, regardless of our circumstances. Though we all want a comfortable, easy life (or so we think), the purpose of our lives is far greater than that. Sitting with those who suffer is truly sacred space. Join us as we all learn how to do that better with Ted and Ally Hotchkiss.

Ted and Allison live outside Portland, OR with their two little girls. Married 6 years, Ally lives with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS) and several other conditions and Ted is her full time caregiver. They have learned to trust God through the suffering and in their early thirties, they are learning rich principles about God, life, and relationships that many of us loose sight of in the midst of ordinary life.

To learn more about their story, you can follow Ally on IG @allyhotch. Ted and Ally recommend two books that have impacted them deeply: The Cure by Bill Thralls, Bruce McNicol and John Lynch and Suffer Strong by Jay and Katherine Wolff. Bill Thralls was a guest in Episode 56 if you missed his interview.

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