Patagonia's Vincent Stanley on The Future of the Responsible Company

Sustainability SmartPod

Sep 12 2023 • 55 mins

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“The Future of the Responsible Company - What We've Learned From Patagonia’s First 50 Years” is a book being released today that was co-written by Patagonia Director of Philosophy Vincent Stanley and founder Yvon Chouinard. Stanley joins the podcast to talk about why the book, which is an update to a similar title that the duo released a decade ago, is even more important amid today's corporate, environmental and political landscape. The book is full of sage advice for people who want to conduct business with an eye on more than just profits and it also reveals some surprising details about the origin of Patagonia. Stanley also spendd a few minutes sharing his advice for startups and other companies that might want to follow in the footsteps of Patagonia's amazing corporate evolution.

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Patagonia's Our Footprint

Highlight from Vincent Stanley

The Future of the Responsible Company - 3:31
How Patagonia got into the clothing business - 7:10
From startup to business travel conversations - 9:00
Shareholder primacy - 13:19
Measuring GDP vs TBL (triple bottom line) - 14:44
The B corp movement is expanding - 17:50
The fascinating business model of the Henokiens - 20:20
The process of finding responsible suppliers and farmers - 25:53
'Living in a world of fewer, better things' - 28:06
Expanding 'healthful' decision-making beyond food purchases - 31:04
'Strategy starts with the real story' - 31:40
Collaborating with outside organizations like Samsung - 37:11
Advice for startups who want to follow in Patagonia's footsteps - 40:19
The power of word choice in communication - 43:40
The history of "Our Footprint" - 46:09
Sustainability and the role of agency - 50:10

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