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Sustainability SmartPod

Feb 9 2023 • 2 mins

Sustainability has become a huge part of everyday business. So much so that organizations far and wide are revolutionizing the way they operate. But amid all the hype around sustainability, it’s easy to lose sight of the difference between talking the talk… and walking the walk.

This podcast will focus on the people who are walking the walk. The team of content experts from SmartBrief, including Karen Kantor, Evan Milberg, Jaan Van Valkenbergh, will dissect the latest sustainability news and trends to help you separate the signal from the noise

This podcast isn’t specific to any particular industry.  Different industries face similar sustainability challenges, so we’ve got guests lined up from an array of organizations. These are leaders who are tackling some of the most complex sustainability challenges head-on. After all, many of the technologies and strategies that they are deploying can be applied to multiple industries, so why not hear insights from experts who know what it takes to turn all those bold sustainability promises and predictions into reality.

If you are looking to get smarter about sustainability by listening to a fun and informative podcast that focuses specifically on the people, technologies and trends that are creating a more sustainable society for all of us  … this is it.

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