How To Prioritize Sustainability Solutions For Your Home

Sustainability SmartPod

Mar 28 2023 • 46 mins

Matt Ferrell joins the show to outline various ways everyday people can embrace cost-saving strategies that also make their homes more resilient and more sustainable.

Matt is the creator of Undecided with Matt Ferrell, where he has amassed more than one million subscribers on YouTube by applying his technology-focused eye to all things sustainability. Matt is also the co-host of the Still To Be Determined podcast. He tests smart and sustainable technology solutions and often offers advice to viewers and listeners who seek advice on making decisions about which solutions are best for their home.

Matt touches on batteries, solar panels, weatherization and the future of home sustainability tech, so we think you’ll appreciate hearing what he has to say.


Sustainable or Suspicious - (1:58)
The latest report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)

Top Headlines from SmartBrief on Sustainability - (13:44)
Corporate Sustainability Becomes a Team Sport
Green Product Claims Face Growing Consumer Scrutiny
Beavers to return to London as part of urban rewilding

Here and There - (17:05)
Efforts underway to make Ramadan more sustainable

Key highlights from Matt Ferrell

(22:08) - The most common questions from consumers
(23:12) - The Do's and Don'ts when it comes to installing solar
(27:48) - The Do's and Don'ts when it comes to installing batteries
(31:45) - How to prioritize energy efficiency needs
(34:37) - The low-hanging fruit when it comes to energy efficiency solutions
(37:12) - How the Inflation Reduction Act impacts consumers
(39:58) - The role of Community Solar
(41:14) - Exciting tech of the future: Flow batteries for homes
(43:11) - Matt's bold predictions
(44:29) - Matt's take on the future of EV charging

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