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Where Is Shame Driving You?
Where Is Shame Driving You?"There Was A Man Named Cornelius" (9:31-10:8)Mark 8:22-9:32...To The 'Only Ones Going To Heaven' Accusation (Pt. 1)...To The 'Only Ones Going To Heaven' Accusation (Pt. 2)Are Your Sins As Light As Pink?"And Immediately He Proclaimed Jesus" (9:20-30)Mark 7:14-8:21...On The Issue Of InstitutionalismQ & A: Shall We Dance?Do You Want The Gift Or The Giver?"Saul, Saul, Why Are You Persecuting Me?" (9:1-19)Mark 6:14-7:13God's Reminders For Mothers...For 'That's Just Your Interpretation!'Did You Get That Amber Alert?"He Told Him The Good News About Jesus" (8:20-40)"I Will Go To Him"Mark 5:14-6:13...About The Thief On The Cross