Center for Tranquility

Alma Phillips

Receive the keys to feeling complete within yourself, a goal each of us has on some level, whether we are aware of it or not. We try all kinds of things: Relationships, Drugs, Sports, Shopping, Self Help Programs, Religions, Medicine etc., and still many of us feel like we are missing the boat, and we are. We need to find an inner pivot, a place of tranquility that we can center ourselves in at any given moment. From this center, problems always have solutions as we are free to move out thinking to a new level of awareness. The show is a message of hope. Understanding we are energy and that we can become master of it, is key to living a life of limitless possibilities. Americans at large have not been given the facts of life on planet earth and tend to operate from the small picture of ourselves as flawed humans when we are actually powerful spirits capable of aligning with the Universal Laws of the Cosmos. read less
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