Discover How to Live in God's Blessings Pt 3

Kingdom Touchdowns with Sherri Downs

Dec 23 2021 • 32 mins

Do you want to be blessed by God, and experience the fullness of the life Christ died for you to have (John 10:10)? You have an inheritance of abundance available to you. God desires that you discover how to walk fully in your abundant life. Are you in hot pursuit of God's blessings? Do you desire to live every day in the overflow yet, you may be experiencing less that God's best? Financial Hardship, poverty, sickness, lack, depression, and anxiety are all ways the enemy robs unsuspecting believers of their blessings. What does it look like to be blessed? The blessings of the lord make rich and add no sorrow, right? Guest author Sharon Elliott shares from her latest book "A Woman God Can Bless", and she gives us intimate details how one can experience God's blessing everyday of their life.

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