Micah 5-7, Psalms 136-137

Commuter Bible OT

Aug 20 2021 • 18 mins

Micah 5 - 1:06 .

Micah 6 - 4:11 .

Micah 7 - 8:46 .

Psalm 135 - 13:50 .

Psalm 136 - 16:29 .

As we finish out the second half of the book of Micah, we’ll immediately see another crystal clear prophecy; this one predicts that the coming Messiah will be born in Bethlehem, a small town that was unlikely to have anything significant take place within it. God promises that one day he will remove those earthly and idolatrous occupations which keep his people from worshipping him rightly, asserting that nations who have not obeyed him will receive his anger and wrath. Finally, Micah looks past the coming destruction of Israel to declare the future hope of redemption for those who repent from their sin and serve the Lord.


Christian Standard Bible translation.

All music written and produced by John Burgess Ross.

Co-produced by the Christian Standard Bible.