Adriana Paice Kent

The unique object or experience has always had powerful appeal, and, as we learn to consume better, commissioning all kinds of things has become more accessible. Yet the process of commissioning is shrouded in mystery. Most makers agree they’re only as good as the brief, but what makes a good brief? The Be-Spoke podcast reveals the relationships behind the commissioning process through the stories of designers, makers, clients, curators and brokers. It delves into why people commission certain objects and experiences, how they engage with makers, and what to expect along this potentially rich and rewarding journey. This is Be-Spoke: Brought to you by Woven Voices, a multimedia project exploring the people, ideas and relationships that shape the world around us with meaning and purpose. Hosted by Adriana Paice Kent, founder of Woven Spaces, a hybrid of placemaking agency, creative lab and property developer.