What Are the Key Ingredients for a Successful Franchise?

Path 2 Freedom

Jan 18 2024 • 59 mins

In this podcast episode, Wes, a business coach, interviews Raffi, an entrepreneur, about the intricacies of franchising, business development, and the significance of values and culture in a company's growth. They delve into the challenges of finding and retaining quality staff and the need for strategic planning, regardless of the business size. Rafa shares his journey with different business models, from franchises to independent ventures, and the lessons learned about structure, discipline, and leveraging experience. They also discuss the importance of setting goals, documenting processes, and maintaining a consistent customer experience across various businesses. The episode concludes with Raffi offering insights into his carpet business and the strategic integration of a showroom, highlighting the necessity of passion, research, mentorship, and a positive approach to failure in entrepreneurship.

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7 Steps to Owning a Franchise:


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